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second patch to make things worse. great job, Sony.

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TheRealFoo said...
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This is the second patch that drops the framerate to 4-8 FPS for about a fifth of the players. And no, the graphics settings have no influence on the framerate. Strange, huh?
Myself , I'm part of the lucky 80% that didn't get hit by this part of the patch, this time - and I also wasn't snailed last time they did something like that. But hey guys: "testing"? ever heard of it?

Oh, and also lots of nerfs. Little improvement to the gameplay. Some user interface improvements, but nothing to go crazy about. All in all, that patch wasn't worth its 1.8GB download (and time) - in fact, it wasn't worth a kilobyte or second of time.

My patience with Planetside2 is getting thin.
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